Years ago, God dropped a thought in my heart to write about one day. It had to do with tearing off the labels that have been put on us (or that we have put on ourselves) and embracing our identity in Christ. As a result, I began to really search the Scriptures and ask God to reveal Himself to me in a new way. The thought eventually evolved into a small group study entitled "Who Do You Think You Are?"

In the fall of 2015, I had the joy and privilege of leading two amazing groups of women at The Lighthouse Church through the WDYTYA material. Earlier this year, I led a group of awesome young adults in the curriculum (and they later led our youth ministry in it). I praise God for the opportunity to love and lead these beautiful people, but also to learn from them as well. It has been one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences of my life. Now I want to share it with you all here!

Starting June 6th, I will begin an eight-week blog series throughout June and July with components of the “Who Do You Think You Are?” curriculum. Here is the outline for all eight weeks (but stay tuned for additional surprises!). As we go throughout the series, I'll include the links to each post in order below:

INTRO: Who Do You Think You Are? - Week One (6/6/16)  
What's on the WDYTYA Horizon? - Week One (6/9/16)
I am BLESSED - Week Two (6/13/16)
I am CHOSEN - Week Three (6/20/16) 
Guest Post: CHOSEN - Week Three (6/23/16)
I am REDEEMED - Week Four (6/27/16)
I am LOVED - Week Five (7/4/16)
I am HOLY - Week Six (7/11/16) 
Guest Post: HOLY - Week Six (7/15/16)
I am CALLED - Week Seven (7/18/16) 
I am a WARRIOR - Week Eight (7/25/16)
Guest Post: WARRIOR - Week Eight (7/27/16)
FINAL: Who Do You Know You Are? - Week Eight (7/29/16)

Grab your Bibles, spread the word, and join us on the journey!

(Blog Series Hashtag: #WDYTYA16)

*If you are interested in leading a small group with the WDYTYA material, please contact Jenn directly at rothjenn@me.com. 

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