Thursday, June 9, 2016


I'm excited that the journey has begun! Have you thought much about the question I asked in my last post

"Who Do You Think You Are?"

It's crucial to pray and consider as we embark on this adventure. Remember, WDYTYA is all about our identity - in CHRIST! Often times, we can go years, even an enter lifetime, living according to a label that was never meant to be put on us. We're going to look to the Word to see what God says about us and tear those labels off!

In preparation for our series, check out what's on the horizon...

The Book of Ephesians is the foundation of our series. You'll see verses woven into each post throughout our remaining weeks. I encourage you to start reading through Ephesians 1. We will spend some time in the first chapter for several weeks so it's good to get it into your heart. 

Here is an outline for our series. I will post every Monday and may have additional surprise posts along the way. 

  • June 13 - "I am BLESSED"
  • June 20 - "I am CHOSEN"
  • June 27 - "I am REDEEMED"
  • July 4  -  "I am LOVED"
  • July 11 - "I am HOLY"
  • July 18 - "I am CALLED"
  • July 25 - "I am a WARRIOR"

As mentioned in a previous post, "Who Do You Think You Are?" came out of a small group curriculum that I wrote last year. The most recent session was with a group of awesome young adults at The Lighthouse Church. We closed out our time together with a night of prayer and worship in April, which was open to all ages. It was a beautiful night where Jesus was truly glorified. 

Below is a short video from "ALIVE: Night of Prayer and Worship," where I shared some of the story behind WDYTYA. I also included a little snippet about the first topic, "I am BLESSED." Since that is what next Monday's post is about, I thought I'd include it to give you a preview. :)

Praying for you and looking forward to connecting along the way!


If you're jumping into the series now, feel free to check out the #WDYTYA16 page that includes links to all the posts so far. 

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