Saturday, October 19, 2013

Nissan Tabernacle

135,673 miles, 13 years, 3 states, hundreds of conversations, umpteen prayer meetings, and countless encounters with God. It's the end of an era. Today I say farewell to my car... aka 'Nissan Tabernacle.'

I know it's only a car but there are so many memories attached to it. As silly and as over emotional as it may sound, it represents so much more. (Some of my Chi-town fam will understand). Throughout the seasons of life, the (many) moves, the tears and laughter, and the ups and downs of the past 13 years, The Lord kept me. In the natural, if you look at some of the craziness of life, I really should not be where I am today, yet I stand victorious because of Jesus. 

So yes, I know. It's just a car. But God met me so many times in this car so it is reminder to me of His grace and faithfulness. There's been a lot of goodbyes lately. But the end of a season only means the beginning of a new one. And I have no doubt that God will continue to be faithful as I move forward in what He has for me. 

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