Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Brace Yourself

If I get all perfectionist and try to find the best, most eloquent words for this post, it’ll never show up here. Which, probably (and sortakinda conveniently) is the reason I haven’t posted this so far. I’ve used that excuse for awhile now. I can’t anymore. 

I don’t want to write about the fact that I know I’m called to write and don’t. It’s old. And redundant. We all know already.

Never mind all that. Or the crazy journey of distractions and wrestling with the whole writing calling. Or the fact that I wrote this two days ago and it's been sitting as a draft since then. It doesn't matter right now because I'm just procrastinating and I gave someone my word I'd post this today. So, moments before the clock strikes midnight, I'll tell you what this is all about...

Brace yourself...

Next month, I’m going to finally kick off a series on a topic that I have avoided at all costs. 
A topic that stirs up all kinds of emotions and reactions and triggers a whole lotta weirdness.  

Did I mention that you should brace yourself? 



Yup, the good ol’ single Christian convo. You know, the one that no one really wants to have because it’s super awkward. Yup, that one. And I'm doing it. 

Pretty crazy. Hope you were sitting down. 

I know a few of you might be rolling your eyes at the thought. And I understand because that’s actually what I’ve been secretly doing for the past year ever since God brought this whole thing to mind. 

Me? Write about singleness? As if I know anything? I tried for a while to shrug it off thinking that it couldn’t possibly be the voice of God. Because why would He choose me to write on such stuff? I mean, I’m not exactly the poster child for any Single Christians (or Married Christians… but that’s for another day). There are dozens of people who are way more qualified. Besides, if I branch out into the singleness discussion, won't that mean I'll be single forever? 

Blah, Blah, Blah, Excuses, Excuses…

AKA ... disobedience. And that's what I've been doing by not writing about this. Disobeying the Almighty God. Who am I to say no to Him!? It is an honor to be called to serve in any capacity. There are people in other parts of the world being persecuted for owning a few pages of the Bible and suffering for the Gospel. Here I am with multiple translations of the Word around my house and an opportunity to share His Truth freely in this space. That's revelation totally called for repentance on my end. And so, after dealing with the grossness of my disobedient and rebellious heart, I am here and, by His grace, I will humbly and joyfully write what God puts on my heart. And if a sentence of what I write will help one person even an ounce, then it’s worth it and I’m gonna roll with it for the glory of God.

So, what exactly will this series be? What it won’t be is a rant. The last thing I want to do is to foster bitterness or spark some online griping session. Nope. Not gonna happen. Not on my watch blog.

What it will be is real. To the best of my ability. No fluff. No flowery jargon. (Not that I’m known for that anyway...) And even on my not so great days, what I write will always be measured next to the Word of God. His Word is the standard no matter what the topic. Not the words of the world, not the words of religion, and (especially) not the words we tell ourselves.

His Word ... which is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. Yes, even, our single paths.

Boom. There you go. It's out there. Now I'm accountable. (Pray for me!)

So stay tuned. I’ll be back soon...

pressing on toward the goal,

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