Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cookies, Christmas... and Free Coffee

As you may have noticed, I've taken a bit of a break from blogging. I'm taking it easy for a few weeks but once the new year rolls around (which is like, in 20 minutes...) I'll start posting regularly again. Today I just wanted to stop by and say hey... and also share with you one of my favorite things... my Mom's famous chocolate crinkle cookies! These are the BEST! And they only come out at Christmastime which makes them extra special. She started cranking out cookies by the dozens earlier and I was quite thrilled to walk into the kitchen and take notice a bite of this chocolate-y, Christmas-y goodness. :) 

"What's the free coffee about, Jenn?" 

I'm glad you asked! 

In my little writing hiatus, I've been praying about what direction to go with my writing here on the blog. As I considered next steps, I decided to take a poll (which you can see in the right margin of the blog) about what sort of topics YOU are interested in reading about at pressing on toward the goal in 2013. I would love feedback from those of you who stop by this little space from time to time. I also posted the same survey on Facebook. Your interests would be so helpful in my planning.

"What does that have to do with free coffee, Jenn!?"

Okay, here it is... a little Christmas $10 Starbucks gift card giveaway!

Interested? Of course you are! Drop by the pressing on toward the goal Facebook page, "like" it, and then choose one of the six options on the poll (pinned to the top of the FB page). 
Voila! :)

The winner will be randomly selected on Christmas night. To find out if you've won, check back on the Facebook page on December 26th. Easy as pie crinkle cookies...

Speaking of crinkle cookies... 

What's one of your favorite things that says "it's Christmastime!" in your house or family? 
I'd love to hear your traditions! 

Share with us in the comments below! :)


Lis said...

Missed the giveaway and just had this discussion with people. I feel like we don't really have traditions. I guess it's that we spend Christmas Eve with Ivan's family on Christmas Eve and Christday day with my parents. On Christmas Day morning, we go over the Christmas story as a family. We need to do something that shouts "it's Christmastime" a little better, ha!

And bless you for changing your commenting system. :)

Jennifer Roth said...

Thanks, Lis! Hey... you didn't miss the giveaway! I'm choosing later tonight. :) Merry Christmas!