Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stress Point Week Ten {SPIRITUAL MATURITY}

Hello Everyone! I can't believe it. We've arrived at the tenth and final week of our Stress Point study. I don't know about you all, but the past two and a half months have been quite a journey for me! It's crazy to think that all this time has passed but it's amazing when you stop to consider all that we've covered and hopefully learned in this time... 

God has been faithful to speak to our hearts and I really believe this  book is one that can be kept on your shelf to go back to as certain situations arise. It's full of scripture and of great counsel for so many areas of a young woman's life. 

I apologize that I didn't have a video blog up last week. I was staying with friends for a few days after the hurricane and then wasn't feeling too this past week. But I didn't let that stop me this Sunday! I just couldn't miss out on sharing with you and posting one last vlog! 

Reading Schedule and Suggested Assignments:
Stress Point Video Blog 

Read pages 217-221 (Journal 1)

Read pages 222-227 (Journal 2)
Blog Post (check back here!)

Read pages 228-232 (Journal 3)

Read pages 233-237 (Journal 4)
Blog Post (check back here!)

Read pages 238-241 (Journal 5)

"Saturdays with Sarah"
Sarah Francis Martin's Video Blog on Spiritual Maturity
(check back here!)

What has stuck out to you the most over the last nine weeks? Was there a particular topic that you identified with or a blog post that pertained to your situation? I would love to hear from you this week! Share a comment on the blog or on our Facebook page! 

Praying for all of you! 

pressing on toward the goal

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