Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Abundance This Christmas

For ten weeks this fall, many of you participated in our recent online Bible study. The book, Stress Point, written by Sarah Francis Martin, is packed with wonderful content for women in their twenties ... amazingly applicable to young adults in this decade of drama and totally saturated with the Word of God. I am sure that it will be a resource that many of you will pull off your shelves as you go through these various stress points...

In addition to our reading what Sarah shared with us so beautifully and transparently in each chapter, we had the opportunity to (see and) hear from her in coinciding video blogs. It was great to be able to wrap up the week's topic with her additional words of wisdom on "Saturdays with Sarah," where she so faithfully exhorted us to live out the Kingship of Christ in our everyday lives.

Though the Stress Point study has come to a close, there is just one more related video blog and this one is extra special! I am thrilled to share this guest vlog with you! Sarah Martin, author of Stress Point and my amazing new friend, was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule and share a message just for us here at pressing on toward the goal. It means a great deal that she is thinking of and praying for us. I am truly blessed by her encouraging words. I know you will be as well...

(Thank you, Sarah!)

Want to hear more from Sarah? Of course you do! Check out her awesome blog, Live it Out! Sarah can be found on Facebook and Twitter, too! You'll want to keep up with her! Also, if you have yet to read Stress Point or you're shopping for a young lady this Christmas season, pick up a copy
It's an excellent gift! 

Grateful for all of you! 
Living out the Kingship of Christ AND pressing on toward the goal...

With lots of love and prayers, 

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