Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturdays with Sarah {LOVE AND DATING - PART I}

We’ve come to the end the first section of Love and Dating in our Stress Point book. What did you think? There were quite a few questions that Sarah included in this chapter, which required some serious soul searching. In this video blog, she asks some more questions which I really encourage you to take the time to answer…

Some of the things Sarah discusses in the vlog reminded me of a conversation I had with my very dear friend and sister, Christen (who passed away earlier this year).  At the time, I’d just gotten out of a really horrible relationship. Any break-up is rough, and I’ll spare the details, but this one was particularly catastrophic and painful. It affected me, in some ways, worse than my divorce three years prior.  So, yeah. It was pretty bad.

As Christen and I chatted one day, she said something that really stuck out to me and has stayed with me to this moment. I’d known the basic history between her and her husband. They grew up in the same town, knew a lot of the same people, and dated on and off for a while. The time came for them to make a decision about their future. Either they were going to be married or have a final break-up. Until that day, what I didn’t know was a question she posed to him at that crossroads. Christen wanted to know if he had two men in his life that he had been transparent with and knew him intimately. Not leaders – peers. People that he was open and honest with at different season of his life. Interesting. They knew each other for so long, she must have been aware of his friendships. Yet, even with the history they had, she still needed to know the answer – and, probably needed to know that he knew the answer to a very wise question.

Christen was one of the wisest people I knew and her wisdom spilled over into every area of her life. (many wonderful nuggets of truth can be found at her blog, Learning Curve) Her marriage was one I had the utmost respect for; one that was a profound testimony to singles and couples in all stages of life. Like the theme in our Stress Point book, Christen lived a fruitful life of worshipping and waiting at the throne of the King. And that is what she continues to do right now in heaven with Jesus 
– for all of eternity! 

I share a piece of Christen's story to encourage you all to take the time to recognize how important it is that we surrender everything in our lives to the Lord – love and dating included. I also share it with you as a reminder of what’s most important and to show you an example of someone who, by worshipping and waiting our King, thrived through her 20s in a "decade of drama." Taking the time to ask certain questions (like the ones included in this chapter) can sometimes be uncomfortable in the moment but, in doing so, you'll avoid unnecessary heartache and appreciate it later. 
It will be worth it. 

Take the time to watch to Sarah's video blog. There is great wisdom in what she shares. And trust that when you surrender and allow God to break up the hard areas of your heart, you will reap the fruit of His unfailing love. That’s His promise.

Sow righteousness for yourselves, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the Lord, until he comes and showers his righteousness on you. – Hosea 10:12

Has there been a time in a relationship where you came to a crossroads and had to make a tough decision? 
What did you learn? 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this chapter! 
Share with us in the comment section below...

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