Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update

I attempted to post an update the other day (Tuesday) but it was partially saved as a draft. I just wanted to say thank you for your messages and prayers. My family and I are fine, thank God. We're safe and our house is dry. Our only concern is being without power but I'm not complaining. So many people have lost everything. I have never been so grateful to eat muffins by candlelight or sleep with extra blankets. It's a gift.

We found a diner this week that still had electricity and I finally got to see the news. I'd heard about the damaged on the radio but it's only when actually seeing the magnitude of Hurricane Sandy that I realized just how greatly we were spared. I stared at the TV with tears... dumbfounded. It's surreal. When I've watched the news clips of the aftermath of natural disasters in the past, my heart was always broken for the people. However, to recognize the neighborhoods that have been affected is simply overwhelming.

I'm attempting to post this from my phone (Thursday). My cell service has been very sporadic. For all my readers and friends who are out of state, please pray for the many, many people who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. There are communities that still have not received assistance, there are families without basic necessities, there are individuals who are alone and broken - inside and out. Now is the time to display the love of Jesus and help others in need. It just so happens that our theme next week in our Stress Point study is "Making a Difference" and it couldn't be more timely. I plan to provide information of ways you can make a difference, not only in the lives of people overseas which I often share about, but in the lives of the people who are now hurricane victims in my backyard. A reminder that our mission field is right before our very eyes.

I pray your loved ones along the east coast are well and safe. God bless you.

pressing on toward the goal,

*I will be posting Alex Lasalle's guest blog post as soon as I can get to a location with the Internet. I'm writing from my phone now (hopefully it will post).

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