Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happily Ever After

I think it’s safe to say that almost every little girl wishes for some sort of fairy tale life. Maybe not the same exact scenario but we all have dreams we want to come true. Hey, even at the age of 34, there’s a warm-and-fuzzy feeling at the end of every princess movie, wishing for my very own 'happily ever after.' (I'm not normally a fan of chick flicks but I'll bust out Princess Diaries or old school Disney Cinderella any day!) 

Sound cheesy? Maybe. But here’s the thing, whether we want to admit it or not, we all have a longing to be loved and adored. We were created with the need to be “someone’s delight” (as Sarah put it in our Stress Point chapter this week) because we are someone’s delight. Who? Our Lord and King!

Now, I know there’s more than one of you reading this thinking "that’s a nice-little-churchy concept but let's keep it real, I still want a husband (or boyfriend ... or at least a date!)." And that's okay. But even when a girl finds her “Prince Charming,” as wonderful and Godly as he may should be, it's important to come to terms with the reality that he will still be a flawed human being, just like you are, just like I am. And, even in the best scenario, no matter how great his intentions are, he will make mistakes because we all fall short. We cannot hunt for perfection in a world of imperfection. Without a relationship with the One whose love is unconditional and everlasting, the One who IS Love, we're simply chasing a fairy tale only for it to turn into a pumpkin. And it will. 
Every. Single. Time.

We were created to find our fulfillment in God alone. Everything else and everyone else is an added blessing – a bonus, if you will. Does that mean you should nix the desire to be married? No way! I’m not saying that at all. Marriage is beautiful - when it is the way God intended - between a man and a woman who are equally yoked. It's a sacred union that reflects the covenant love God has for His people. So, there's nothing wrong at all to want to be married. Still, the desire for marriage should not be an idol and a relationship should not become a distraction from worshipping the One who takes delight in you with gladness, the One whose unfailing love and faithfulness always protects you, the One who IS Love. The perfect love. It sounds crazy in the natural (and, by the way, it’s totally impossible to do in the natural) but once you’ve had a supernatural encounter with God’s love, you’re never the same.

Is the desire of your heart to be married? Then take delight in the One who delights in you. Receive God's love today. It’s only in that love, HIS love, that, no matter what you face in life, you can truly live happily ever after.  

Resting in God's love is a struggle for many people - especially those who have experienced great pain and heartbreak. 
Is it hard for you to receive God's love?

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Sarah said...

Love this, Jenn! Such truth!