Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stress Point Week Four {LOVE AND DATING}

Stress Point Ladies! Hello! I am sorry for the delay in posting! For some reason, there is an issue with the audio and video syncing once the vlog is uploaded onto Vimeo and it's making me CRAZY!!! (If anyone can help me out with that, please let me know!)

Anywho... Here we are on Week Four of our Stress Point study. Hopefully you can make it through this video blog which includes the updates for this week/topic... LOVE AND DATING!

Reading Schedule and Suggested Assignments:
Stress Point Video Blog 

Read pages 77-80 (Journal 1)

Read pages 81-85 (Journal 2)
Blog Post (check back here!)

Read pages 86-88 (Journal 3)

Read pages 89-92 (Journal 4)
Guest Blog Post by Sarah Ortiz (check back here!)

Read pages 93-96 (Journal 5)

"Saturdays with Sarah"
Sarah Francis Martin's Video Blog on Love and Dating (check back here!)

Memory Verse: 
This week, I encourage you to pray and ask God to lead you to the right verse for you specifically to memorize. This will be your verse for both chapters of Love and Dating. 

Just for Fun:
Share the memory verse you've chosen with us on the Stress Point Facebook page. 

pressing on toward the goal


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