Monday, September 10, 2012

Spoke or Hub?

Sarah Francis Martin introduces each chapter of Stress Point with a ‘Girlfriend Case Study.’ I don’t know if you’ve had a chance yet today to read those couple of pages but a case study is helpful in evaluating our current situations. And I’m not just saying that because I was a psych major. ;)

Sometimes, until we’re presented with a new question or different circumstance, we’re not able to see another perspective or situation besides the one we find ourselves in. On the flip side, there can also be times we are quite attentive to where every one else is at in their journey simply because we struggle with jealousy and comparison wondering why we’re not where we think we should be in life. Take a good look at your current situation. Decide which girlfriend you can identify with in the case study and then ask yourself what your perspective is about that? A little self-evaluation is always good – even if we’re not happy with what we see or feel. What’s important is that, in every scenario, we begin to gain the right perspective … God’s perspective. That’s why it’s so crucial to grab a hold of the Word daily because His Truth will guide us as we make every decision.

A statement in the first paragraph of the Career chapter jumped out at my as I read it over today…

God planned your career to be a spoke in the wheel of your life, with Him alone as the hub of that wheel.” – Stress Point, p. 13

I’m not a professional career woman. Trust me. If you saw the conglomeration of randomness on my resume, you’d know that immediately. But in the mix of all those jobs, there is something I had to come to truly believe in my journey – that Jesus is the ‘hub’ of my life, the center of it all. Not what I did (or will do) for a living. In the open doors of opportunity, in the job interviews gone bad, when there’s a financial cushion, when the bills are overdue... is Jesus the center? He can’t be who we go to once in a blue, He has to be the centerpiece of all we believe.  

Whether you are in the middle of your college career, working successfully in your field, plowing through a job you hate just to make ends meet or unemployed and kicked off the career path, there is something you need to ask yourself right out of the gate of this study… is Jesus your hub? Because when He is, you’re able to worship Him in any circumstance, knowing that He is El Elyon, the God Most High. Higher than the top of your corporate ladder, higher than your mountain of bills that needs to be paid, higher than the dream you are reaching for. He is Higher... He is God Most High. We'll talk more about that later in the week.

As you answer the questions in Journal #1 today and consider your pursuits, I leave you with this question... 

Is Jesus a spoke in your wheel or is He the hub?

It’s only when He is your hub that you can say aloud (our memory verse this week) with a sincere heart: “I will praise the LORD according to His righteousness, and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.”
 – Psalm 7:17


Kristen Barkdull said...

I am working on putting Jesus at the "hub" of my life. I am learning and growing. Some days are better than others. I hope by the time I get to the end of this study I will have Him totally at the center of my life. I did Sarah's study when she did hers not long ago. However, I had a hard time keeping up because I was in four online classes. Those end this friday (YAY) and I will have much more time to devote to this study as well as another one I am doing. Thank you Jennifer for doing this study! I look forward to getting to know everyone and growing in our relationship with the Lord. <3

Jennifer Roth said...


Thank you for stopping by and sharing! I am praying that over the next ten weeks, we all grow closer to the Lord and that He will truly be the centerpiece of all we believe. I look forward to the upcoming weeks with you!