Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturdays with Sarah {BODY IMAGE}

Our chapter on Body Image has come to a close. Certainly not the easiest topic to tackle for any woman (not one I enjoy in the least - just sayin'!). But I appreciate so many the way Sarah shares so openly and honestly with us - in this chapter and also in this video blog! One of the things she speaks about below is to figure out what our triggers are. That may be an uncomfortable thought process initially don't want to think about when we take the time to really pray and examine what those triggers might be, we are able to discern when we need to walk away from a situation or conversation that may be harmful for us. 

A great example is what Tracy shared with us this past Thursday about how she stopped watching Project Runway. That show not be a trigger for all of us, but God gave her the wisdom and discernment to recognize it just wasn't healthy for her. After you watch Sarah's vlog, take some time to really consider all that you've read this week and ask God to show you what your triggers might be. For me, it can be clothes shopping like Sarah talks about - particularly summer clothes shopping (so glad it's fall!). But ask the Lord what it might be for you ... and then hand it over to Him ... and rest it knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator and His workmanship is marvelous!

What stuck out to you the most in this chapter? 
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