Thursday, August 23, 2012


I haven’t been feeling too well over the past few days. The past few weeks actually. My weirdo symptoms from a few months ago have returned uninvited. Not that they were ever really welcome. I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure out what in the world changed. I started eating gluten-free almost four months ago and that really helped. I’ve been good on my diet so it’s unclear why I’m feeling so stinkin' oogie... 

The only thing that I can figure out my own is that I stopped taking my Visalus Body By Vi shakes prior to my trip to North Carolina. Up until that point they’d been my breakfast everyday. In my own little attempts of self-diagnosing via Google, the thought occurred to me that maybe it’s a vitamin deficiency. The shakes are packed with nutrients - clearly way more than I take in normally (I can’t say or write nutrients without thinking about Nacho Libre) and maybe they were helping me more than I realized. I’m no physician but there appears to be some sort of deficiency. (Don’t worry; I have an appointment with a real MD – not just WebMD!).

I started to think about all the times I’ve felt deficient spiritually. I’ve had many of those seasons over the years. And the lack always goes back to the fact that I’m lacking nutrients that are only found in my daily dose of the Word. Sure, there are times when I’ve coasted and God has kept me by His grace. But if I don’t get back into my routine, it’s only a matter of time til the weirdo symptoms pop up. Symptoms of sin representing spiritual sickness.

In my physical health track record, I’d experienced a symptom here or there for a while but never the same ones all at once until a few months ago. Suddenly I felt terrible and knew I needed to go to the doctor. It took a bunch of stuff for me to realize something was off. In my stubbornness though, it took awhile for me to actually make an appointment with the doctor. And it took even longer for me to try a radical, new diet (what can I say, I love my NY pizza). When I did though, I began to feel better and realized that the ‘good’ food I loved really wasn’t helping me, it was hurting me. And it was so not worth it to go back to the ‘goodies.’

That’s how it is spiritually. If it’s been a day or two without my nutrients, I may not necessarily see my ‘symptom’ as flat out sin but when the symptoms pile up and I begin to feel like garbage, I recognize that I am deficient of Spirit and Truth. I don’t know about you, but there have been times in my life where I’ve been totally aware of the fact that I need to just go to the doctor and eat right but have been stubborn or lazy about it. Why? Because I’d been eating junk and got depleted thus making it difficult to get back into the groove. But once I return to my regular daily dose of the Bread of Life, I see how it’s so not worth it to feed on junk. It only leads to symptoms of sin and spiritual sickness. Whatever ‘goodies’ were filling my time rather than the Word, were not helping, they were hurting me. Even things that are right and good end up depleting us of the Truth when they take the place of the Word of God.

Kinda like the eagle eggs - they have no nutrients! 
(I digress...)

Take it a step further. When a person in the Church is not spending time with the Lord daily and become spiritually deficient, it affects the Body of Christ. Just as our unhealthy physical habits can take a toll on those closest to us, our unhealthy (un)spiritual habits take a toll on the Family of God. We need to remain strong and healthy in Christ – not just for ourselves but also for those around us.

It all comes down to our daily nutrients.

That’s one of the reasons I am so excited about our upcoming online Bible study. My prayer is that many people (myself included!) will get stronger and healthier in Christ – not just for themselves but those around them.
For the Body of Christ. For the Kingdom of God.
For His glory and His honor.


Candice Wilkinson said...

I have a similar issue when I try to cut out my shakes. I am actually seeing a specialist, (who thinks I have been missed diagnose for years) to figure things out. One of the things I do with my 90 day challenge is I always include something that helps me grow closer to GOD. You can check out my blog to find out more!

Jonathan Vasquez said...

Love this post, Jen!