Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Peculiar Thing, But Not A Sacrifice

I've been blessed to know some truly wonderful men and women with special hearts for missions. Some have answered the call and gone to live in another land. Others have invested into the Kingdom by sending money so more missionaries can go. Others intercede and raise awareness about what God is doing around the globe. When I stop to consider these heroes of the faith with a special call to missions, I immediately think of Shelly Torres, one of my dearest friends. Anyone whose spent even a little time with her cannot deny the anointing upon her life. The hand of God is upon her in such a unique way. Not because of the many countries she's gone to on mission trips but because of what God has deposited inside of her and how He's created her. Shelly has such a heart for the nations and a great burden to share the love of the Father with orphaned children overseas. It's in the fabric of who she is and her longing to do more for the Kingdom has grown increasingly...

Last year, Shelly had the opportunity to travel to Africa on an unusual sort of mission trip. She joined a team that climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and ministered to people along the way. After reaching the summit and sharing the love of Jesus there, they went on to spend time with kids in an orphanage in Malawi. A piece of her heart was left with those children and the burden for orphaned children continued to grow tremendously since her return. So she prayed and asked the Lord what she was to do with what HE had put in her heart. In the months that followed, He began to give her glimpses of what was next. Tiny glimpses that required a lot of trust.

About a year later, Shelly learned that a friend she'd known from Moody Bible Institute was preparing to leave the States and go to serve in Uganda long-term. Their connection was nothing short of divine and it was then that God showed Shelly that THIS was the next trip she was to go on. As the weeks and months passed, the Lord brought clarity and she knew that it was time to prepare specifically. So the preparations began ... for a two-week trip to Uganda this summer... a trip that she knew would be significant. Others bore witness to the fact that the timing was right.

Shortly after Shelly stepped out in faith to plan for Uganda, two other precious sisters from Chicago Tabernacle, Ashley and Christie, felt compelled to go with her on this trip. Confirmation and confirmation came and, in the process, Shelly took radical steps of faith to obey the very specific instructions that the Lord gave her. I know that she would probably never share the magnitude of what has been taking place but let's just say that sleeping on the floor (to gain perspective of what she has and what the kids in Uganda do not have) is the least of these changes. Shelly has fasted, prayed, and made extreme lifestyle changes. It hasn't been easy but she's done it all with a song in her heart because Jesus has been with her every step of the way. She has truly decreased so that HE would increase and there is no question that when you know Shelly, you know Jesus.

The team leaves for Uganda on Sunday, July 29th. Any of you who have gone on a mission trip know the intensity of attacks and distractions in the days leading up to the departure. There is no doubt that this is going to be a powerful time of ministry. God wants to pour out His love into the hearts of His beloved children in the slums of Uganda and He has chosen Shelly, Ashley, and Christie to partner with the missionaries in Kampala and be instruments of His love this summer. Please join me in praying for my sisters as they step out of their comfort zones to bring the message of the Gospel to a dangerous, poverty-stricken land filled with warfare and oppression. They need our prayers and they need our support. In the natural, this is crazy, but this is the heart of God. This is the Great Commission. This is why we're here.

I am excited to learn what the Lord will do in Uganda - in and through these mighty women of God. Below is a message that Shelly sent out which includes specific requests and needs. If you are interested in sending a financial donation, please contact Shelly directly via email.

Hi Everyone!

My team is only 3 weeks away from heading out to UGANDA to work in the slums of Kampala, sharing the love and GREAT news of Jesus Christ. We have so much ahead of us and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am!!!

I'm writing to ask for some financial assistance to help us as we build the Kingdom around the world - and you're very much a part of us being sent out!

1. First, I'm asking if you could help two of the gals on my team finish their support raising. They have done it all - letters, emails, fundraisers, etc and the Lord is just stretching them in their endeavor of support raising. He put it on my heart to ask on their behalf. What is lacking of their support right now is $1400. If you are able, ANY dollar amount would be a blessing!! You can either mail me the money or Chase Quick Pay.

2. We are going to feed the kids in this one slum community during our week of VBS. To feed 60 kids for a week will cost $100. Does anyone want to cover that amazing need??!! I love how our money goes really far in Uganda overseas!

3. Lastly, we are looking for clothing for boys to bring to the street kids that these amazing missionary young women have taken in. We're looking for youth small to adult small sized shirts and boys gyms shorts are welcome too. If you have clothes you'd like to donate, PLEASE let me know asap! I can pick them up!!

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS!!! If you've already given, BLESS YOU!! Please continue to pray for the Spirit of God to reach these precious young hearts and that we would flow in the giftings. Our team is now 5 people, so we covet your prayers as we travel on July 29 - Aug. 15


"May this world become less about us and more about Jesus. It may be a peculiar thing, but not a sacrifice. Rather a joy and privilege." 
- Shelly Torres

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