Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Great Writer Behind The Series

Every so often (but not often enough!), I post Saturday Shout-outs here at pressing on toward the goal. I’m a firm believer in acknowledging and affirming people when they are making a difference in people’s lives. There are impactful individuals and organizations who will never know the significance of one simple blog post or sermon or brief conversation. Everyone needs an inoculation of encouragement every now and again...

Today is a day off from the Great Writers Series (phew!). However, I felt that it is fitting to give Jeff Goins a big ol shout-out. Talk about making an impact! Goins is devoted to encouraging writers in their craft and does a phenomenal job at it. He’s down to earth, genuine, and has a brilliant approach at coaching us writers along in the game. All types of writers … those who are brand new to the field and also those with years of experience under their belts. I mean, seriously. To get over 1000 people to jump on board to the Great Writers Series says a lot. An influence of such magnitude doesn’t happen overnight; it takes real dedication and sacrifice. (Especially with a full-time job, wife, and new baby!) There are now countless writers now reap the blessing of the seeds he has sown.

For me, this challenge has become a springboard for to go out into the deep waters of writing personally. To take risks. To actually write. Like, for real write. To believe it's not just for this challenge but it's for good and for God's glory. And I am positive that I’m not the only writer who would agree.

So, this Saturday, here’s a big, big shout-out to Jeff Goins
and also to his wife, who must be an amazing support!
Thank you, Jeff, for being a mentor to so many.
We get to partake of the fruit you bear and are appreciative!
May God bless your new family and your future endeavors!

P.S. Check out his new eBook!


Diana Denis said...

Agreed! Between reading his Manifesto earlier this Spring and now participating in this challenge I suddenly have a new sense of accountability. Thanks Jeff. You rock!!

Nina Thomas said...

I really love how it says "you are a writer, start acting like one", because my writing has always been something that I've felt insecure about. But I am a writer, I should start acting like it!