Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I am only now just getting to my computer to write about today's BELIEVE challenge but it was something that I did meditate on throughout the day... Here we go...

Day 2. The challenge.

How do we turn something like belief into action? We don’t. Not yet, anyway. Instead, we marinate. A wise man once said we are the sum of our conscious thoughts. In other words, we become what we fixate on.

So do just that: Take some time to dwell on the fact that you are a writer. Meditate on it; let it sink in. Write about it, if you want. Do whatever it takes. The important part is you believe it.
And just so you don’t think this is all esoteric, you’re going to do something radical tomorrow. You’re going to get up two hours early and write. If you usually get up at seven, get up at five. If five, then three. You get the idea. Don’t check your email or read blogs. Just write.

This is how you know you really believe something. Thinking and talking and tweeting about writing is one thing; actually doing it is another. So today, believe it; tomorrow, do it. (Don’t worry; I’ll be up with you.)

Until this happens, until you actually believe you are a writer, you’re only kidding yourself. And you’re not doing anybody any good with all this self-doubt. You’re a writer. Not because I say so, but because you do. Start believing it.

Dang. Talk about accountability! I am announcing to the blogosphere that I'll be waking up two hours earlier to write tomorrow. Lord, help me! LOL. Seriously though, I have to say that the timing of this challenge couldn't be better. It's only Day 2 and I see how God has been preparing my heart about these things - declaring and now, believing I am a writer. For a long time, I was letting the whole writing thing marinate. For too long. The concept of actually being a writer was shoved in my back pocket with the thought that maybe it would be pulled out in a few decades. I was afraid to believe my dream of being a writer could come true. Well, last fall, I sensed the Lord telling me to take writing off the back burden and to start becoming more intentional about it. I had no idea what would come of it, but I knew I had to do it.

Since last fall, I slowly began to believe that I am a writer. Not just a girl who sorta kinda likes to write. And what's amazing is that over the course of this faith journey that God has me on, as I've stepped out to honor Him with my writing in the little ways I knew how, He has opened amazing doors of opportunity. Doors I wouldn't have even thought to knock on. A perfect example of God doing abundantly far more than I could've asked or thought. He is doing it and I know believe it is just the beginning. But, it order to walk through these doors, I must believe...
Something Jeff Goins wrote in today's challenge really stuck out at me ... we become what we fixate on. That's true.  We know that as a man (woman) thinks in his heart, so is he (Prov. 23:7). But the word fixate really stuck out at me. So, like the good word nerd that I am, I went to my dictionary app. And I'm so glad that I did. Here's why... I initially thought of the concept of being fixed, but being a psychology major, the psychoanal definition of fixate is what immediately came to mind. And what I learned by going to my trust app is that when fixate is being used as a verb without an object, it does mean "to develop a fixation' suffer an arrest in one's emotional or sexual development." However, when fixate is being used with an object, the definition is different: "to fix, make stable or stationary."
Light bulb! I don't know if that makes sense to you but it's okay. It doesn't have to. I'm the one who has to believe it. And though I have begun to believe it over the past few months, I see how taking the day to be intentional about believing I am a writer is so fruitful. Why? Because in doing so, this is being made stable and stationary. Not only am I able to now believe that I am a writer, but I believe that I am a writer who will remain steadfast! Amen to that. By God's grace and for God's glory.
I am a writer.
Now, for that steadfastness and grace to kick it two hours earlier tomorrow... ;-)
(Don't worry, I believe it will!)


MoC said...

Amen to that, indeed!
Great post Jenn, thanks for sharing :-D

Jennifer Roth said...

Thanks for stopping by, MoMoCo! <3