Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sweet Treasures

A great treasure in the body of Christ is the way two complete strangers can develop an instantaneous bond, particularly in the midst of suffering. Providential connections that take places in the midst trials are especially precious when losing a loved one. The mutual understanding, even (and especially) when unspoken can touch the heart in a manner deeper than any conversation. God sovereignly aligns hearts in tough times and divinely creates bonds that bring the sweet into bittersweet. I liken it to the beauty of a new flower that unexpectedly sprouts up after a vicious storm...

After Christen passed away, God provided many special moments to be shared between loved ones. Memories reflected on, stories told. One significant connection that I truly believe God ordained was with Christen’s sister-in-law, Stephanie. Though our exchanges were brief in person during that week, something distinct and special took place. It seemed as though the love in my heart for her had always been there and that a simple hug spoke louder than anything that could have been said. Christen was a sister to both of us and our loss was great. In the midst of indescribable pain was found an unspoken, mutual bond and understanding that transcends words
... for which I am grateful.

Though time has passed and there are many miles between us, Steph continues to hold a very special place in my heart. Today happens to be her birthday and I wanted to take the time to acknowledge her and say how grateful I am that God brought her into my life.

He is faithful in every season.

Happy Birthday, Dear Steph… May this next year be filled with blessings beyond measure and your heart flooded with a fresh understanding of God’s love in a way that you’ve not yet known.
He loves you, I love you, and I pray on this day that you would know how loved you are. Enjoy your special day, dear sis.
Thank you for being you... a sweet treasure.

Lots of love and hugs.

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