Monday, May 14, 2012

The Road to a Friend's House is Never Long

Today is my friend Alex's birthday. And what a dear friend she is.
I am so grateful for our friendship and how God has knit our hearts together over the years.

We met years ago while attending the same church in Queens but interestingly enough, we really weren't all that close at the time. It was actually after I first moved to Chicago that we became good friends. Over the years we would see each other a few times a year when she would visit family in Chicago or when I was home for the holidays in New York. And then, right when I moved back to New York, she moved to Chicago two weeks later! Pretty crazy. But I am thankful that our friendship has remained and our bond strengthened. And that when I go visit her in Chicago, we're walking distance to Dairy Queen. I digress...

Alex and I have shared wonderful times together. I love chatting with her (especially in her cozy living room!) because we go from laughing to real talk to praying to laughing and back ... sometimes several times in a night! She has been a blessing and encouragement to me on countless occasions. One moment that sticks out is this past January when I was in Chicago for a few weeks after Christen passed away. Alex let me stay with her a few nights and it was perfectly timed. In a season of shock, grief, and pain, I experienced such refreshment in her peaceful home. She's been a source of great comfort often but those January days in particular blessed me immensely. I am grateful for always being welcomed at her home, no matter how short notice, no matter what the circumstances. 

The road to this friend's house is never long.

One of the big things that Alex and I have in common is our love of writing. She is a PHENOMENAL writer (she needs to guest post here!) and has been an integral part of my own journey as a writer. She has encouraged me, challenged me, and invested in me. I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a blessing it is to have a supportive friend like her. You'll hear more from me about Alex in the near future. And hopefully you'll hear from Alex herself..
(ahem ... guest post ... hint hint)

It has been a joy to witness all that God has done in and through my sweet friend over the years. His hand is upon her in a special way. I look back and rejoice at how He has blessed Alex. And I look ahead with great anticipation to what the Lord has in store for her. Tonight I look at the amazing woman of God she is...
and I say thank you.

Happy Birthday, Dear Friend! I love you!


Betty said...

Jennifer, it's been a while since I strolled through your blog. How precious to have a "best friend." I have had a couple through the years and have went periods of time without one. It seem those few close friends are the ones we can pick up the friendship as if we had never been seperated.

We have ended our season of over seas living and now live in California. Still with New Tribes as Member Care reps. so I am starting all over again with friends. It is hard to find someone who really listens which makes me want to be a good listener.

I will stop by agian in hopes to read a post from your best friend. Blessings.

Jennifer Roth said...


It is so good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

God has been so faithful to be my true best friend and to bless me with good friends in the many seasons of life. I pray He blesses you in a very special way in this new season. He loves you so very much.

I will stop by your blog soon!