Saturday, May 12, 2012

From the Back Burner to Broadway

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a Saturday Shout-outs post but I have an exciting story to share with you tonight (it's almost Sunday but it's still Saturday in many parts of the earth ... bear with me!). 

God has opened a door for me to be a part of an amazing new endeavor which is the fulfillment of a vision that God gave to a man named Kevin Davis. I met Kevin and his lovely wife, Glenda, years ago when we attended the same church. After a decade, we have reunited in our new church and it’s been such a blessing to get reconnected. A musician for many years, Kevin began to start writing plays in recent years. And in doing so, developed a burden for Christians to be more influential in the arts...

So often, we see a "shying away" in the church from film, theatre, music, and dance, because of the influence that the enemy has had over the industry. No doubt, there have been many brothers and sisters who started off with the right intentions, to use their God-given talents, but got sucked into the quicksand of sin that is so prominent in this way of life. Here’s the thing though. The talents that any and all artists and actors have, they’re all given by God. He is the one who put those gifts inside of us. It doesn’t matter if they’re Christians or not, He created everyone so His intent was that we glorify Him with what was placed inside of us. However, we do not live in a perfect, Christian world. We live in a fallen world. And the enemy has taken the gifts that God wanted us to use to display His goodness and twisted them around to distort what God’s plan is for His people. Look at how the media has distorted marriage, family life, Christianity, and moral values. They’ve made Biblical living a laughingstock and the enemy has used the gifts that placed inside of the people He created and has silenced our influence.

Well, Kevin Davis refuses to keep this dream on the back burner anymore. He has taken a step of faith to say yes to the vision God has given him – to become a major force in the entertainment arena by producing plays, movies, and music productions with a Christian world view. And one production is already scheduled … smack in the middle of the Broadway theatre district during the first week of December! Kevin’s jazz band, The JazzCatz, will be performing that week as well. And the production team has already gotten to work – which I have begun to help out with!

The steps of faith that Kevin is obediently taken blessed me especially as God has me on a journey of stepping out in faith with my writing. It is a joy to be working from the ground up on an undertaking that the Lord has ordained. One of the desires of my heart is to be a liaison of sorts here at pressing on toward the goal – sharing with all of you what God is doing in and through other people so that maybe you can somehow be a part! A lot of that has been missions related and I see this under the same umbrella because the entertainment industry is a mission field all by itself. I believe that, as Kevin and his team step out in faith, God will provide mightily – with His presence and His provision. There will definitely be more shared here on what’s to come. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up! In the interim, check out the Twitter and Facebook pages for the upcoming production, mark your calendars, and pray!

(If you're interested in supporting in any way,
feel free to send an email to Kevin!)