Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Celebrate With Me

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It was five years ago today when I started blogging. Half a decade!
It’s crazy to think of all that’s gone in in that span of time. Way more than has been documented in this space, that’s for sure. I can look back through posts and immediately remember how I was feeling while writing or what was hidden behind a smile in a picture. Also, the lack of posts in certain seasons speak loudly to me about what I was going through at the time...

May 9, 2007 seems like it was way more than five years ago. I’m not the same writer, that’s for sure. In fact, I’m not even the same person. At the time I was still living in Chicago. I started blogging as a fun way to keep in touch with family and faraway friends. In the beginning I posted more pictures and silliness than anything else. (BTW, I'm humbling myself big time by acknowledging that these posts are still up. Some are not too pretty!) But as time passed, I grew as a writer and realized just how much I love it, too.

Five years later, here I am...
pressing on toward the goal.
And in awe of God's faithfulness.

So grab a piece of cake and some coffee and celebrate my blog birthday with me by checking out today’s powerful 
Thanks, Mom! post by Tindell Baldwin at Plywood People.
(A few more stories ... tomorrow and Friday!)


alex lasalle said...

so proud of you and all that you have allowed our Father to do in your heart. (john 15:5) i love you dearly! happy 5th birthday!

alex lasalle said...
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