Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Buddies

Happy Birthday to my dear brother,
Joe Ringle!

Joe and I share a birthday and also a special bond brought through my friend and sisterChristen. I am thankful to the Lord that, because of Christen's precious life, the joy of being welcomed into her family, and the faith we have in Jesus, I can call Joe my brother and my friend. The blessing of the many memories we all shared together will forever be cherished and held dear.

This pic was taken at my surprise 30th birthday party at the Ringle crib.
May 2008

Even though he's technically my younger brother, I look up to him and respect him greatly as if he were the older one. In fact, for years I called him Pa Ringle for his fatherly disposition. Joe has a maturity that is well beyond his years and a faith in Jesus that is unshakeable. Those of you who have read his blog can attest to the depth of his wisdom and knowledge in Christ. As a birthday present to me, go ahead and stop by his blog and encourage him! I have no doubt that in doing so, you will be blessed as well.

Praying that your special day (and every day) is filled with grace and blessings, birthday buddy! 

This pic was taken at my going away party before moving back to NY (also at the Ringle abode).
September 2010

P.S. - I'm totally cool with peeps thinking I'm younger! :-)

*After I started writing this, I scrolled through some older blog posts and came across this one from four years ago with the same exact title and picture with the cake and cupcakes! Hysterical!


shelly70x7 said...

That is very VERY true of Joe! I love it, Pa Ringle ;D And so awesome that you had the same post/title back in 2008! Oh JenNNNNnnnn :) Happy Birthday Boo Boo, I'm so glad it's your birthday :D

Dawn Aldrich said...

Happy Birthday, Jenn! May this year find you overflowing with God's precious blessings and joy.

Dorothy Explor'r said...

hi jenn! i came over from "chasing kite tails..." and wanted to meet fellow kindred spirits :)

i'm really hoping we can onnect and i look forward to following your blog!


Dorothy Explor'r said...

p.s. joyeaux anniversaire! did you know it's a scientific fact that birthdays are GREAT for you? the more you have - the longer you live :) ahah.

enjoy it!

Lis said...

Hope you had a fantabulous day!

Jennifer Roth said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, ladies! It was a wonderful day.