Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I am so thankful to the Lord for His love and for when He sends reminders of His great love. That’s my testimony this Tuesday because I’ve been so incredibly blessed to have been given a ton of those reminders over the past week. It’s wild, sometimes I’m not even conscious of the fact that I’m veering off course and in need of that reminder. A little over a week ago, I had a funky day. Nothing major took place but I was frustrated and in a matter of minutes the small circumstance turned into everything in my life. A whirlwind of questions flew through my mind about 100 MPH. Questions that I didn’t even realize I was asking. Questions I never even took the time to usher up in prayer in that moment. What the heck am I doing with my life? What should I be doing with my life? When are things going to change? When will I get a job? Will I ever get married? Does God have more for me than this? What am I doing wrong? Should I even bother writing? Did I hear from God? Etcetera, etcetera. (Everything gets thrown into the same pot in those emotional moments, meanwhile, what I was originally frustrated about that morning was pretty trivial). I went for a long walk to clear my head. I didn’t want to stay in a funk...

That particular day, my plans had changed so I decided to drive out to NJ to see a dear friend of mine. Driving is therapeutic for me; it helps me clear my head. And I always enjoy spending time with my friend. That afternoon was a blessing. Being able to chat with my friend, hear how she’s been, and just hang in another environment. Friendships are gifts and I cherish this one. I was glad for the time away for that day however the many unconscious questions of the morning never really became conscious prayers. A few had sort of but certainly not all. What I also didn't realize was my need for a reminder. 

Over the course of days that followed, God began to send a slew of reminders my way. First, on a Sunday, He put it on someone’s heart to come to me and remind me of that love. More was said but that was what rang loudest. Little did I know, the next day that same person began to intercede for me and saw what was taking place spiritually – the need for me to find my place in Christ, believe His love, and stand in my God-given authority in Him. And also that His plan for me is great but the enemy recognizes that and throws distractions for me to deter me from God’s plan. I didn’t know about that prayer until later on in the week but God knew and He surely heard.

A few days later (after a 2-day migraine/distraction), a friend called me up to say the Lord put it on her heart to send me to a women's conference this summer specifically for writers. (Remember my earlier question – Should I even bother writing?) She kept telling me how much the Lord loves me and has a plan for me and that it’s time for me to go forward. I cried. CRIED. Talk about God’s timing! I was floored. My lodging was covered. My conference registration was covered. I just needed to find a way there. I knew God would make a way. Later that day, my mom shared that amazing testimony with someone I don’t know. They wrote out a check for $50 and said I was to put that towards my flight. WHAT?! I was so encouraged and saw even more so how God-ordained this time away would be. I was filled with faith that He would work out the rest of the details.

That Wednesday, I was so sick. The two-day migraine ended then my stomach was jacked up for the rest of the week. (Distracted yet again). I felt like garbage but knew I needed to make it to the prayer meeting. I am so grateful to the Lord that He gave me what I needed to push myself to make it there because it was a timely word. TIMELY. All about spiritual ruts. That message could be an entire blog post. Basically, in a nutshell – worship, dig deeper, expect. Read 2 Kings 3. Powerful. I may come back to that in detail on another day. For now, I’ll share this, something that my Pastor said in his message… “Some of you are stuck in the same valley because God is trying to show you how to dig your way out of it.” Wowsers. Talk about the convicting truth of the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord. I left outta there with my spiritual shovel and greater expectation.

The next day I shared with someone in an email all that had taken place in the week so far. That person replied that they wanted to contribute to my flight as well. Again, I was floored. And in awe of God, knowing He has something great in store. The following day, I emailed the woman who approached me that Sunday to thank her for sharing what she did with me. It was in her response that I learned about her prayers earlier in the week. The words she wrote to me in that email were straight from the Lord. That message cut to my heart and a shift took place. A refocusing about what’s going on. An overwhelming awareness of the great love of the Father for me which led to a sweet time in the Lord’s presence.

Oh, how He loves me! Oh, how He loves you!

God is constantly pursuing us with His love. And patiently waiting for us to embrace it. He knows what we’re in need of more than we even do. He will use any means necessary to let us know our need of Him and how much He truly cares. But we need to stand firm in it! (I'm speaking to myself here). I am so grateful for His unfailing love and the constant reminders He sends. Are there still questions and challenges? Yes. Presently there are many. But I have such a peace knowing I am enveloped in the Lord’s love. He gives me what I need to press on towards the goal! Everything I need is found in Him.

I could write a ton more about some of the other things God has been showing me but I will hold off for now. In the interim, check out Joe Ringle’s blog, A Splendid Confusion, and read his recent blog post, Game On. Though my circumstances are different, the message and realization from the Holy Spirit are very similar to what God has been revealing to me. Powerful reminder for all of us as believers.

Have you received a special reminder of the Lord’s love recently that was packaged in an unexpected blessing? Please share!

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