Monday, April 9, 2012

Deliver Them From the Hand of the Wicked

Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked. - Psalm 82:3-4

Last night I read the above verses and woke up with them on my heart this morning. I had to go back to re-read this psalm again later in the day. These same words are still being cried out throughout the world this very moment, desperately longing for justice. Some cannot cry out for themselves anymore. They ceased looking for a way out because nothing around them gives any indication of hope. When I think of the weak, fatherless, and afflicted, I immediately picture the many children who are enslaved in human trafficking. There are countless girls born in brothels or abducted from their villages for the purpose of someone else’s financial gain. By someone else’s wicked hand. They had no choice and they have no voice. They find themselves in destitute conditions and, often times, are unaware there is any other option. Many will never call another place “home.”...

But God is faithful and remains true to His promises to work righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed. He is calling groups of people all over the globe with his heart to be used as His instruments. He has handpicked men and women to deliver children from the hand of the wicked. One ministry in particular is As Our Own, an organization I have written about before that rescues innocent girls in India from enslavement and exploitation. Homes are provided for these precious girls where they are given a new life. There they experience the love of Jesus in a safe environment where care is provided – a home, a family, an education. A place of permanence and rest. The organization does exactly what their name is; they commit to caring for the girls just as if they were their very own.

Human trafficking is an issue near to my heart as is the nation of India. This will be a recurring theme here at the blog. I am certain that I will reference As Our Own again as well. It is a ministry that I have a great burden and respect for. What they are doing for the Kingdom of God and for these precious girls is absolutely extraordinary. Girls who once lived in the most horrific conditions are now being restored. In addition to the healing and transformation that takes place in the children, As Our Own also takes great strides to transform entire villages by preventing others from going down this dark road. Churches are pioneered, education provided, and leaders established so that, through the power of Jesus Christ, this cycle of wickedness can be broken.

Friends, this is evil. It is hard to wrap our minds around how such an atrocity can be a reality but it is. And it's a very sad reality. I encourage you to take the time and watch this short video, which gives a glimpse of how an innocent little girl can end up in the hand of the wicked in need of deliverance. Our feet may never touch the ground of India (though it is my prayer to travel there one day), but we can make a difference in this land and in this ministry through prayer, financial support and raising awareness about the exploitation of innocent children.

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