Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Traffic-less Trip to Jersey

Testimony Tuesday!

(en route to jersey via staten island...)

I'm having to post this from my phone because my internet at home isn't working but I wanted to post this Tuesday's testimony...

This may seem small but, for those who know that I am magnet to traffic, you'll appreciate this. I traveled to Jersey today to visit my good friend Nani and made it there in just under an hour and a half. That has never happened. There's always some chaotic tie-up along the way. And, considering that's how long it takes me to drive to the school where I sub at in Queens or to my church in Brooklyn when I'm driving to a prayer meeting, it's a pretty big deal to me.

I'm so glad I was able to spend the day with my dear friend. A timely day of fellowship. I'm so grateful for the friends that God has blessed me with. I'll add some pictures when my Internet at home gets fixed. I got some good shots of the kiddos. :)

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