Saturday, January 28, 2012

Testimonies, Shout-outs, and Singleness

A few weeks ago, on December 30th, I mentioned that there were several up and coming changes here on the blog that would be launched in the new year – things that I truly felt God had put on my heart. In light of all of that has taken place over the last few weeks personally, I needed to put some of those topics and ideas to the side because I was very aware that it would be too hard for me to try and write about other stuff in the midst of all the roller coaster of emotions. The pain and grief will continue to come in waves for awhile (and I'm sure pieces of that will be shared here), but I believe it's time to bring out some of the changes that were intended for 2012. So, here we go...

What are testimonies - really and truly? A declaration of the goodness of God. Going forward, I’m going to take a moment to step away from all the other themes and topics and simply give glory to God. A testimony isn’t just what happened five or ten or thirty years ago, it’s what God is doing now. In the midst of a chaotic world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and bombarded and wonder what God is doing. I guarantee that by our pausing to really consider life, we will be able to find something (many things) that will point to Jesus and give Him glory.

On Tuesdays I want to take a moment to give glory to God and on Saturdays I want to take a moment to acknowledge someone who has been a blessing over the course of the week. It might be a person who has blessed me personally or it may be a group of people who are doing great things in the community or even in another part of the world. My desire is that people will be encouraged and appreciated and even that connections will be made as a result of affirming someones gift. I know God will be glorified in that but I also know that something happens in us when we choose to stay grateful. The past few weeks have been a reminder to me that tomorrow is not promised. I don’t want to forget anyone one of my benefits.

Yes, singleness. Are you shocked? I am. And to be honest, I know I wouldn’t be writing about it if God had not shown me to do so. But He did, so I’m goin’ there. Singleness as a Christian. It’s not just about being non-married – it’s so much more. What does that look like (Biblically)? What are some of the struggles? And joys! There are so many amazing people (who come from all sorts of situations and walks of life) that fall under the umbrella of singleness. The topic is broad but the instructions we’re given are specific. God put it on my heart months ago to get the conversation started here and on my Facebook page. I look forward to hearing from some of you and learning from one another.


2012 did not start off in a way that I ever would have chosen. But even in the tragedies and trials, God is still present, still good, and still at work. Though much remains unclear about my next steps of life, I am certain that God has called me to write and I want to be faithful in doing just that. He showed me at the beginning of the year to think big and that’s what I’m going to do - even here at pressing on toward the goal.

So, if you decide to check back next week, you’ll be noticing some of these new blog additions and changes. There will also be a lot more shared in the future about Christen’s life – some of the wonderful things that Christ did in her and what He continues to do through her life.

God’s doing a new thing. I am grateful to be a part of it.

pressing on,



Lis said...


I love that God has given you a vision and you are following through with a plan!

Consider designing some buttons to go with your themed days. I'd love to link up to it!

Shelly70x7 said...

Awesome!!! Looking forward to it...especially after our wonderful time reading Annie's blog :) haha!

Jennifer Roth said...

Thanks, Lis! That's an awesome idea! (Now, I just need to figure out how to design those buttons!).

Love ya!

Jennifer Roth said...

Shelly! That night was hysterical! :)

Love ya, girl!

(And welcome back to the blogosphere!)