Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beware of the ME Monster

Have you ever come across me monsters? You know, the ones who dominate conversations and turn around something that had absolutely nothing to do with them and make it about themselves. We’ve all experienced me monsters and, if we’re honest, we've all been me monsters (but that's another post for another time - today's my attempt at a 'light' day)...

Every time a me monster surfaces within a circle of people, I wanna chuckle because I think of the video below. My good friend Sarah came to visit me a few years ago in Chicago for my birthday (which was such an awesome weekend). One night we watched funny YouTube videos and laughed and laughed. This one has stuck.

Check it out ... and ...

Beware of the me monster!


(I’m gonna post pics of Sarah and I from that weekend and share about her soon – just not in this post. I don’t want her to think I’m labeling her a me monster!)  :)


Joe Ringle said...

Great clip. I'd heard this quoted before but had not seen the original. Good stuff.

Lis said...

Oh, how I love you even more!

Brian Regan!? Are you serious? Ivan and I have followed him for years, lol!

It's quite funny when I'm listening to my iPod and I'll be listening to John Piper sermons or a Hillsong worship song and in the midst of a shuffle, Brian Regan comes in. HA.

Jennifer Roth said...

Joe - You gotta let me know if you think of this clip next time a ME MONSTER rears it's head. I often envision this guy yelling MEEEEEEEE! :)

Lis - Sarah's the one who put me on to him (your new BFF!). He's hysterical! We need to have a Brian Regan YouTube evening with cheddar bay biscuits. ;)