Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Quest Has Ended!

After brainstorming, praying, considering the feedback
I received on and offline and pondering some more,

pressing on toward the goal
is now... (drumroll)

pressing on toward the goal!

I'm no longer on a quest because I am no longer changing the name. I've been doing a lot of thinking and praying about next steps. There is much in my heart to write about and I believe this new season of writing is on the horizon but I am waiting on God's perfect timing for when the words will be posted. I believe that the Lord has much in store for 2012 - even here at this simple little blog! The more I considered what's next (not that I ever completely know what's next - or anyone else for that matter), no other title seemed appropriate. And quite a few people felt the same (without knowing what's been on my heart).
pressing on toward the goal!

I've had my new Facebook page ready to go for awhile but didn't want to publish it until I knew what the name would be. Now I know. So, all that being said, it's go time!
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UPDATE: If you're having trouble getting onto the Facebook page, it's only temporary. I apologize, it will be up again soon. Thanks!


Lis said...

I am happy. :) More so because months ago, I just FELT--this girl needs to WRITE. I don't know in what capacity, what your visions are, etc. but you have a ministry of some sort here. And seriously--every post has inspired me to keep pressing. Your faith is so real even through a computer screen. You are living the verse well. With that, can't wait to "like" the FB page!

~Jan~ said...

I found your blog via the incourage community Jenn and I wanted to stop by and tell you that I love it! I have felt so often in my life that the Lord puts a common theme on many hearts to get the message out. I am totally in agreement with your "press on" message. Ironically actually, since I used those very words in a post today before reading yours! Keep writing. Even if your posts reach only one person and it encourages them to not give up - its worth it. I am also a quote junkie though for some reason I've never incorporated that into my blog. I'm sure there is a meaningful use for all of the useful/useless bits of information floating around in this brain of mine on there though! Looking forward to reading more. ~Jan

Jennifer Roth said...

Wow, thank you Lis & Jan! Your words of encouragement are an incredible blessing to me. I appreciate you both visiting my blog and sharing such kind comments. Thank you so much! Writing is my joy but encouraging others is an even greater joy. I praise God for His goodness and for showing up and meeting us as we press on. I look forward to seeing you around the blogosphere more regularly! -Jenn :)

Sagittarian said...

Hi, this is my first time here and enjoy reading your post,it's inspiring and provoking indeed towards faith, i like your words and your eagerness to encourage us to continue towards reaching our goal..:) thank you so much!:)

Jennifer Roth said...

Hi Sagittarian, thanks for stopping by. It's always nice to have new visitors. Thanks for your encouragement. I pray you're encouraged as well. Blessings, Jenn

Stand Your Ground said...

Hey friend!
I like what you wrote in this post - "the Lord has much in store for 2012 - even here at this simple blog!"

2012 sure is going to be different for many of us! I feel your words were God given! The goal just got a little more sweeter! Let's keep pressing toward it!

Love ya!

Jennifer Roth said...

Praise the Lord, Betty. I know God is going to do something this year. I love what you wrote - the goal just got sweeter. Amen. Yes, let's keep pressing on. So glad that you're back to 'Stand Your Ground' in the blogosphere. Love you, sis.