Friday, November 25, 2011

Blessed Thanksgiving Moments

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. I had dinner at my Aunt's house, which was wonderful. For all of the years that I lived away from New York, I never came home for Thanksgiving (since Christmas was just a few weeks away). This is my second year back in New York and I was grateful to spend it with my family again. What made it even more great was that my brother and sister-in-law were home as well. My parents, Matt, Anne, Aunt Mimi, Uncle Mark, Jonathan, David, Sarah, Becca & me! I wish we would've taken more pictures. I guess we were too busy eating, talking, (pretending to be) watching football and napping! After getting home from my Aunt's, in the evening, I stopped by for dessert with some good friends. I enjoyed our time of fellowship and was glad to be able to spend that time with them...

So, today I was not feeling well at all. After a bunch of advil and a major nap, I knew I needed to do something to snap out of the funk I'd gotten into, so I stopped to reflect on the day yesterday and get back into a spirit of thanksgiving. (Thank God for new mercies!)

Two moments from yesterday really stuck out to me. The first took place while at my Aunt's house when I sat down and looked through a bunch of her old photo albums. It was amazing to sit and go through tons and tons of pictures. So many memories, so many pics I'd forgotten about and some I'd never even seen. Being able to do that yesterday made me reflect on a lot of memories. And it made me even more grateful for my family. I have been especially blessed to come from a truly incredible family. We've shared many wonderful moments over the years and checking out the family pictures yesterday was a reminder of some of those times.

The other memorable moment took place while looking at pics. This time with my friends in the evening. We ended up looking at a few pics I had online from 10+ years ago. I used to take tons of pictures (in the pre-digital camera era) and it's cool to look through them from time to time. We reminisced about some of the memories we shared as young adults. Great memories serving the Lord together. The packed BBQs, fellowships and tree trimmings held in our homes that our parents so graciously put up with. The times of laughter, tears, prayer and growth. Simpler times. Special times. And it was good to reflect on them. I thank God for the friendships that He provided during that season of my life. Another reminder. through pictures, of how blessed I am.

People have blogged, tweeted and talked about many of the people and things they're thankful for in their life. But what about your actual Thanksgiving Day? As you think about your day yesterday, what sticks out to you specifically (little or big) that you can honestly say really blessed you? Was it time with a person? A moment? A conversation? For me it was special memories triggered by pictures. Please take a moment to share below. It would bless me to read how you were blessed!

top left: me with cousins becca & sarah
bottom left: eileen, stephanie & me
right: aunt mimi's yummy thanksgiving dinner


shari lynne said...

We spent time with a daughter that has been struggling for quite some was a blessing to see her finally overcoming obstacles in her life :)

Christen Ringle said...

We had two Thanksgivings. What probably stuck out to me most wonderfully was my hubs and my cousin chatting it up and connecting over their heart for the Gospel. Blessed!

Fawn said...

For me, what sticks out most is no dishes and no messy kitchen! This was the first year we decided to go out. Of course, we didn't have the turkey, cornbread dressing, mac n' cheese, greens, yams, creamed corn and all the other delectables we usually make at home but I certainly loved not having the cleanup. We won't do this every year but I loved doing it this year. Enjoyed time with the family sans the cleanup :).

Jennifer Roth said...

Such wonderful moments to be thankful for! True blessings. hanks for sharing!