Sunday, September 18, 2011

Now I Know My ABCs

The other night I faced another traffic-filled trek home from work. On average during rush hour, it’s a solid 90 minutes and I try hard to keep myself from getting into a funk about it because that’s not gonna make me get home any faster. Most of the times I have worship music playing. I often will call people back or pray or sometimes just space out (because at least in traffic I can space out and not feel guilty). I felt in my heart on that particular evening that it needed to be a quiet and purposeful drive home so I decided to do something different. Remembering this from a class at Trinity, I went through the entire alphabet and found something or someone I am thankful for with each letter. It’s not as easy as it seems. A lot of things and people come to mind with certain letters but was I truly thankful for them? It made for an interesting trip of deep thoughts and a time of thanksgiving. The Lord has truly blessed my life (in way more than 26 ways!). I found this to be a great little exercise and made me go on to think of (and thank God for) even more blessings.
Here was my list. I think I may try to do it every so often. There’s definitely more than one for each letter (except for X and Z – had to get creative there) but I only chose one...

Body of Christ
Health Insurance
New Beginnings

The ASSURANCE that I belong to the Father and that He loves me. The BODY OF CHRIST which is a family like no other. My CAR that has lasted 10 years, is paid off and prayerfully will keep going just a little longer. I am thankful for my DAD who has been a loving and supportive father my entire life. I am grateful that in this economy, I have EMPLOYMENT. I love true FELLOWSHIP – there’s nothing like iron sharpening iron. GRACE that is amazing, sufficient and great. HEALTH INSURANCE which I miraculously got last December after having none for a few years. INSTRUCTION is something I am thankful for – through God’s Word and through God’s people. JOY in Jesus. KINDNESS – it touches hearts, it leads to repentance, it makes a significant difference. True LOVE, never to be taken for granted, so great that God sent His Son to the cross to demonstrate it. My MOM is amazing and I am thankful for her love, prayers and example. I thank God for NEW BEGINNINGS – truly a gift from above. OPPORTUNITIES are a gift as well and in Christ we constantly are given that gift. I thank God for PROTECTION and for guarding my life. I am grateful that even in the noisiest of places, in Christ I can experience His QUIETNESS in my heart. RIGHTEOUSNESS by faith in Jesus alone. Anyone who truly knows me, knows I'm a goofball so I consider SILLINESS a gift and and something for which I'm grateful for (in the right context, of course). TRUTH is something to be thankful for, many experience only lies and betrayal and do not even know that Truth exists. The Bible says to apply our hearts to UNDERSTANDING and I am thankful that God has made a way to gain it. I rejoice in the VICTORY found in Jesus and the WORD which will remain forever. I am thankful for Godly eXAMPLES (told you I had to get creative there). I am forever grateful for YESHUA our Savior. And lastly, I am thankful for the ZONE, which for me is a productive place (it’s also the place where I space out but that’s not the one I’m thankful for in this case!).

As I mentioned, there are many, many things and people I am grateful for but I found it to be so beneficial to take the time to actually think of just a few and truly thank God for how He’s blessed my life. I have many needs and requests but it’s easy to focus so much on what I don’t have and forget how much I have been blessed with. God has been faithful to meet my needs thus far and I trust that He will continue to faithfully provide. I rejoice that we have access to God and can present our requests to Him. But the Bible says to present our requests with thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6) and also says we are to praise the Lord and forget not His benefits (Psalm 103:2). I encourage you to intentionally take the time out to thank God. Not just a quick and general prayer of thanksgiving, which I know I have done all too often, but some extra moments of your day specifically allotted to simply thank Him. No matter where we’re at in life or what we’re facing, God is always worthy to be praised. We have much to thank Him for.

What are your ABCs of thanksgiving?

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