Friday, February 11, 2011

Dad's India Trip: Days 7 & 8

Last night when we spoke to Dad, he mentioned how there are animals walking all over the place, even in downtown areas. The animals are left to wander by themselves instead of used for food, because all life there is considered sacred. Someone noticed how, with all the cows and animals throughout the towns and cities, it was still so clean. The team was then told people immediately pick up the cow manure and use it as fuel. They consider it to be a holy gift from the cow. Meanwhile, people are starving to death… it blows my mind.

Anyway, this morning Mom got a text from Dad and he said that the testimonies from the missionary grads were absolutely incredible. According to the itinerary, on Saturday (Day 7 - right now), they will be leaving the town of Ranipet, where they have been the past few days and will travel a few hours to the outer villages. In those villages they will have a medical camp and will also be ministering to children.

On Sunday (Day 8), they will be visiting new church plants in the outer villages. There will be a time of worship, prayer, preaching and testimonies. They will also have the opportunity to visit village homes with some of the CTC missionaries. Dad said every day gets better. I’m sure this time in the outer villages will be powerful. Pray for them as they travel. They'll be travelling again on Day 9.

***UPDATE!: Mom got a text at from Dad at 10:13 pm (8:43 AM his time). The team is on the way to their next destination (the back villages). He said to pray because there is a lot of demonic activity where they are going. God is moving in power in India and the enemy is upset. Let's join together and pray - for protection and for power. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. The same way He healed the demon-possessed man in Mark 5, He heals today. That man went from being possessed by a legion of demons to being clothed and in His right mind and testified to an entire city of the healing power of Jesus. Let's believe that the same takes place in these villages in India. Jesus has compassion on those people and wants to set them free. Please pray!***

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