Monday, February 7, 2011

Dad's India Trip: Days 2 & 3

After nearly 24 hours straight of travel, we heard from my Dad that he had arrived in India. He called for a quick minute but it was the middle of the night there and after being in transit for so long, I'm quite sure he was more than ready to go to sleep. Because of the time differences, it's actually already Tuesday over there so it's technically Day 3. I thought I'd give you a few details about his itinerary on Tuesday (it's mid-morning there now).

After the team rests for a little while and gets settled, the plan was to go shopping and make preparations, a time of worship and orientation and then dinner. Pray that the team would be refreshed after such long hours of travel and that God would unite them. The following days will be busier so I'm glad for their sakes that the first full day there is light.

Here's a pic of the airline flight tracker online. We got to see exactly where the plane was flying from Germany to India so we checked a bunch of times throughout the day.

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