Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dad's India Trip: Day 6

My Dad called tonight! We missed his call this morning so it was especially great for Mom and I to finally talk with him and hear how things are going. The call was short but it was packed full of wonderful testimonies of what God is doing in India. In addition to the CTC they spent time at yesterday, they also visited an orphanage and a local hospital. They also had the opportunity to meet an archbishop of a church from that area. UEM donated 150 beds to this local hospital. Dad shared that even though the conditions are totally unsanitary, often times the people do not want to leave the hospital because they are treated with such love. He said the children there were so happy to have visitors and they were crawling all over him with excitement. Dad showed them pictures of the family here and by the time he left, they knew all of our names. The children have practically nothing yet they have an overwhelming amount of joy. One boy, who only has one pair of pants and one shirt, stood up and said he has everything he needs because he has Jesus.

He made a point to mention that there is a real unity among the team, which is an answer to prayer. Today the team will be splitting up in three groups. One group will visit children, one will visit a women’s ministry and the group that Dad is a part of will be going to see the missionaries who are about to graduate. In an hour and a half from right now (11:00 am his time), Dad will be speaking to a class of missionary graduates. Thank you for your prayers!

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