Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dad's India Trip: Day 12

We got to speak with Dad yesterday. He had gone to the Taj Mahal in the morning but, instead of additional sight-seeing, he went along with one of his team members who was going to a village to preach (and is actually staying in India an extra month to minister). He went along as prayer support. They traveled by rickshaw. Dad said that the poverty there was the most overwhelming. He couldn’t even take pictures. But they visited a church of twelve people and he said the people were so filled with the joy of the Lord. He said that the glory of the Taj Mahal could not compare with the glory in that little church. It was powerful.

On Day 12, the team is traveling back to Delhi to visit a CTC there. I believe there is an inaugural ceremony and new students will be arriving. Dad is scheduled to preach in the afternoon (which is just a few hours from now). That will be the last stop for the team and then they will be heading home. Pray for their time at the Delhi CTC and for safe and smooth travel. Even divine appointments. They will fly to Germany and then connect to their next flight to the U.S.

Re-entry to the United States after a mission trip can be very hard, especially after such a powerful time of ministry. I’ve learned that prayer support is important before, during and after a mission trip. Pray that every team member (and their loved ones) will be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.

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