Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dad's India Trip: Day 1

After months of praying, raising support and preparing, the day has finally come. Dad officially left for India tonight. He met up with two of his team members in JFK for the first time. They'll be traveling for about 24 hours - first flying from NY to Germany and then another flight to India. They will meet some more of the team members in Germany and then will fly to India together from there. My Dad and the other two he's with only have a little over an hour in Germany between flights so we're praying there will be no problems catching the next flight. The weather was clear in NY and the plane took off a few minutes early which I know Dad was very thankful for. Believing for good conditions in Deutschland.

I'll try to post a little something each day regarding their itinerary so those of you who have committed to praying on a certain day would have a little more details. Thank you so much for all of your prayers!

Here's a pic of Dad and Mom before we left the house to drop him off at JFK. :-)

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shelly70x7 said...

SOOO excited for him! May the Gospel go forward and the Body be united across socio-ethno borders (yeah girl, busted out some missiology terms ;)). Praying!