Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update: Dad's India Mission Trip

Unite. Engage. Mobilize. Intercede.

On November 9th, I wrote about my Dad’s upcoming mission trip to India with an organization called United Evangelical Mission International. Dad had a large amount of support he needed to raise for the trip but God was so incredibly faithful to provide above and beyond what was needed in funds. In fact, he was able to send extra donations directly to the ministry in India.

The trip is just a week away and much support is still needed for this trip – prayer support! For those of you who have gone on a mission trip, you know the importance and the power of prayer (before, during and after), especially on a trip like this one. I asked Dad the other day if he had any specific prayer requests. The requests he shared with me are health for the team, safety, and open doors.

The team will be traveling from multiple locations across the United States and meeting for the first time in Germany before they fly to India. Pray that the Lord unites them and that they would stand firm “in one spirit, with one mind, working side by side for the faith of the gospel” (Phil. 1:27). There is an incredible bond in the body of Christ when we truly come together. People who were once strangers become instantaneous brothers and sisters. Where there is unity, there is blessing and a blessing from the Lord is greatly needed – for the group and for the people in India who they will be ministering to.

From what my Dad has shared with me, the itinerary is pretty packed. They will be traveling both in both northern and southern parts of India visiting schools, churches and native missionaries.

Would you be willing to commit to praying for my Dad and the team for one day while they are away? (February 6-18)

If so, please submit a comment with your name and the day you will be praying.

There is great power in prayer! Please pray however the Holy Spirit leads you - for the requests already shared and for everything that concerns them. Your support is needed and is very much appreciated!

Below is some information taken directly from the UEMI website – about India and about their ministry at large.

One-sixth of the world lives in India.Over the last six decades, India has made enormous progress in industrial growth, economic development, science and technology. It is poised to be a superpower in the 21st century…yet India is falling behind in the human development index. The education scenario is alarmingly dismal at the grassroots level with only 30% able to read and write. 11 million street children scavenge for food in the garbage. Many do not go home in the evenings, either from fear of alcoholic fathers or because they have no homes to go to. They survive by petty thievery or get pulled into drug cartels. Countless women are abandoned by their husbands and must turn to begging. Millions of lives are spent fighting to survive.

The MissionThe mission of UEMI is to support the work of UEM through advocacy and fundraising in the US. UEM (United Evangelical Mission) is the entity in India; its counterpart in the United States is UEMI (United Evangelical Mission International). UEMI does not direct the work in India. UEM has its own indigenous board.

The VisionThe UEMI vision is to uplift and empower the transformative ministries of UEM to the children, women, and communities of India and beyond by mobilizing Americans to intercede, become involved, and invest. The UEM vision is to take the Gospel to unreached people groups in India and other parts of Asia, show God's love by caring for abandoned children and destitute women, and plant churches by empowering Indian nationals to reach their neighbors, thereby transforming communities.

The FutureBetween 2010 and 2015, UEMI/UEM will
• Expand programming to serve up to 10,000 children and 2,000 more women.
• Establish up to 88 new CTCs resulting in 540 new churches.
• Launch programs in all 29 states in India (currently in 8).
• Sponsor a national conference to equip Christian leaders in India.
• Create even more programming beyond Indian borders.

Unite. Engage. Mobilize. Intercede.

Thank you for praying! I will be sure to provide updates soon.

God bless you.


Becky Sue said...

Since I'm the first to comment, I get to be greedy and claim all the days! Seriously, I'll definitely be praying. Please put me down for Feb 6. Love you!

Christen Ringle said...

Joe and Christen Ringle will be praying on February 8th!