Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful

Beyond frightful! I didn't really think much of the blizzard warnings for New York. The news tends to make it sound worse than it really is. A few inches of snow and people out here think it's the end of the world. And after experiencing multiple Midwest winters (where it really does feel like the end of the world), I pretty much ignored the warnings. After church, I went to have lunch with my friend Alex (who actually lives in Chicago now and is home for the holidays). Even though the weather was getting worse, and I knew the drive home would be slow, I still didn't think it would be an actual blizzard. But a blizzard it was. My drive home wasn't too bad until I was a few miles from the house. Pretty scary! I understand why people were abandoning their cars because the visibility was horrible. I never drove in such conditions, even in the windy city! But, thank God, I made it back safely and planted myself on the couch, with a blanket, in front of the fireplace. :-)

Here's a pic of me and my pal, Alex. Not only is she an amazing person, but she is a phenomental writer. Check out her blog, Bubbling Brook!

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