Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When Life is Hard

I’m about to begin a six-week Bible study this week called When Life is Hard: Turning Your Trials to Gold by James MacDonald. I’m rather excited about it for a few reasons. (1) It’s the Word of God and can’t wait to learn what He wants to teach me, (2) my Dad is leading the study and I get to join my parents for the next six weeks, and (3) I had the opportunity to hear James MacDonald speak on trials earlier this year, and it was probably the most amazing message I’ve ever heard on the topic. (I still go back to my notes!).

One of the first pages of the study has a sentence in the margin that says, “A trial is a painful circumstance allowed by God to change our conduct and character.” Everyone has experienced some sort of trial in their lifetime and has been affected by it in some way or another. As much as I absolutely hate trials, I have experienced God in deep and powerful ways in those times that I wouldn’t trade. I know He has shown me a ton, and there is still so much to learn. I look forward to not only what He will show me in this study, but what I will learn from other peoples’ experiences.

So, the adventure begins. I’m sure I’ll be back with an update!

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Courtney W said...

I am so excited you are starting a study on this book. Both of parents have read it and said that is absolutely incredible. I have not had a chance to read it yet - but I already like the sentence you quote. I will have to remember that.

Miss Ya Laready!
Court :-)