Monday, October 25, 2010

Climbing for Christ

One of my very dear friends in Chicago, Shelly Torres, has been presented with a unique opportunity that I am very excited about. But before I share, I need to stop and mention that Shelly is one of the most amazing people on the planet. I cannot even begin to express what a blessing she has been to me and to many, many others. She has had my back in prayer countless times and I’m grateful for her support and friendship over the years. What’s even more incredible about her though is not what she just does, it’s who she is. She’s a worshipper, a prayer warrior, loves the Word of God, genuinely cares for people, a ton of fun and just plain awesome. She always puts others before herself, and she’ll probably wanna beat me for writing all this, but I think it’s important for her to be recognized. Life hasn’t always been easy for Shelly but she truly fights the good fight, loves the Lord and lives for Him. I’ve seen it firsthand. I can’t imagine a world without Shelly. She’s my sista from anotha mista, my boo boo, and I love and miss her greatly.

Anyway, now that you all know a little bit about who Shelly Torres is, let me tell you what’s going on. God has opened a door for her to go on a mission trip to Tanzania with the ministry, Climbing for Christ. The vision of this ministry is to take the Gospel to those visiting or living in mountainous areas of the world where other missionaries cannot or will not go. From March 4-21, Shelly will be joining a team to share the Good News with those living near and on the mountain of Kilimanjaro. This kind of a trip is definitely not for everyone, but if you know Shelly, her burden for the lost, her heart for missions, and her passion for hiking and climbing, then you’d know how perfect this is!

Her team will be working amongst the extremely impoverished Chagga people, where the majority are Muslim or adhere to indigenous beliefs. Many Chagga people work as guides and porters to those summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro. They will be leading this team to visit the villages and summit the mountain (19,340 feet high!). As the group works alongside a local church, they will be able to assist the orphanages around Kilimanjaro by bringing necessary supplies, food, and resources to keep the kids healthy and strong. And, most importantly, they will be bringing the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Much financial support is needed for a trip like this but I believe God will supernaturally provide and make a way for her to go. In addition, I know He will equip Shelly and her team with everything needed on this amazing adventure. Please join me in prayer alongside my dear friend and sister.

*If you feel led to support financially, contact Shelly directly through her blog.

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Cece said...

I love it and I love Shelly!! I can't imagine a world without her either!!! Hope all is well with you in NY! Lets skype soon yes? Love ya!!