Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Present (Part I)

I’m finishing up the book of Job right now and have been looking into different commentaries. I came across this (anonymous) quote in a Bible handbook: “The good old days are often a combination of a bad memory and a good imagination.” Interesting! Definite food for thought. It reminded me of something mentioned in a sermon I heard about ten years ago … that there really is no such thing as the good old days. Kinda makes one wonder though… Made me wonder at least.

I was actually in a conversation with someone the other day about how people are most often tripped up by the memories of the past or consumed with worry regarding the future. It’s in doing so that keeps people from truly living in the present.

How often are we living in the present?
I mean truly living in the present.

A lot of our present responsibilities are for the purpose of the future. And it’s absolutely right that we’re working diligently towards accomplishing the goals that God has given us. But how often do we forfeit the present … the here and now … what God might be trying to show us or teach us now … because we’re stuck in yesterday or overwhelmed about tomorrow.

Just a thought. I’m gonna let that sit and marinate.

Right now I need to finish my homework … which is in the present.

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