Saturday, September 13, 2008


Why must Christians be so strange?
Please note: We're not all that way.
(except when taking crazy yearbook and photo booth pics)


Josh and Kate plus 1 said...
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Josh and Kate plus 1 said...

Oh Dear! That was just too much! I love when the guy did his dancing solo, trying to pull those hip hop moves like a true white man! Classic!

Maria Elena said...

You know your jelous you can't dance like that :)

Amazing video

JRo said...

Can you imagine being a first time visitor there? OH MY!

Courtney W said...

I am SO happy I waited until I was alone to see this because I am laughing hysterically! PLEASE tell me there is a way for you to send this to me via e-mail. Or do you know the link to it? There are about 20 people I need to send this to.