Saturday, July 19, 2008

JRo Update

I don't get online much at all anymore but I wanted to give a quick update of all the many things going on in my life. Many of you know I'm going back to school this fall full-time at Trinity International University. The school is in Deerfield, Illinois - about 25 miles north of Chicago. I've knocked on the door to return to school a number of times but the door never opened until now. It's so exciting to see how the Lord opened this door wide. I've wanted to finish school for so long but I see it was never the right time. I'll be majoring in Christian Ministries with a concentration in Counseling/Social Services. My plan is to go right on to their grad school, which has an incredible Counseling program. But one step at a time - gotta wait to see what God has in store first!

I started my new job at
Alpha USA a few weeks ago. The Lord truly opened up this door, too. It's right across the street from Trinity! I'm working full-time this summer and then I'll switch to part-time hours once the semester begins. Nothing is really walking distance from the school - except for a hotel and this office complex - so this is really incredible. Alpha USA is a Christian organization that provides the Alpha course - which is a ten week study exploring the Christian faith. Many, many people have gotten saved as a result. I attended their national conference my first week of work. It was an amazing experience. The testimonies were so powerful! This organization isn't just an organization. It's a ministry with a real heart for the lost. Though the transition has been difficult for me, it's a joy to know I'm working for the kingdom.

So ... yes ... the transition. I commute to work. I've been so spoiled this last couple years. Working a mile away from home was a real treat. Now I'm driving far with NO AC. I try to leave early in the morning and beat the traffic. When I do that, I get there in 30 minutes and just do my devotions in the parking lot. Coming home is a different story - a solid 90 minutes. SOLID. Traffic is never enjoyable but when it's in the upper 80's-low 90's and what feels like 110% humidity, it's rough. Thankfully I won't have to do this much longer...

The Lord also opened up the door for me to move to Deerfield. I was on a waiting list for a campus apartment and got an offer! Praise the Lord I won't have to commute much longer! I could not do that drive if I were in school. I'd go home and head straight to bed and never do my homework. God made a way for me to go to Trinity and I want to be a good steward so I'm leaving the city and moving to the 'burbs! I'll still be going to
Chicago Tab ... it's much easier to deal with the commute twice a week to church rather than five times a week to school/work.

Please keep me in prayer. My lease starts on August 9th but I just learned that I have to be out of my place but August 1st - the latest. August 1st is a Friday so I'm probably gonna have to leave the weekend before - which is next weekend. I'm not sure how all of this is going to work out so I covet your prayers. I am trying to get rid of my furniture (quickly). It's posted on Craigslist but most of the responses I've gotten were scams. In the mean time, I'm purging and packing away. It's a season of trust, that's for sure. But I have a peace because I know God is in this.

Right now I'm at my friend Dawn's house. I came over to use her computer (and do some laundry). It's a nice break from working in my hot and humid apartment ... although her apartment isn't cool. Even so, it's a nice break!

Anyway, I need to head home. So much to do, so little time. I just wanted to give you all an update. Not having regular use of the internet is kinda rough. I'm also praying for a laptop. The computer I had at home got a virus and wiped out my IP address. God's been providing my needs so I'm trusting He'll give that to me when the time is right. The season reminds me a lot of when I moved to Chicago the first time in 2002. I clearly knew God was in it and I saw Him move in amazing ways. It's was ROUGH but He constantly provided and gave me a real peace in the thick of it. I have that same peace now so I know everything will be okay.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I lost all my numbers and info in my phone. Perfect timing, of course. My phone broke and when Sprint fixed it, they weren't able to keep the info. I need to invest in a sim card cuz this happens way too often. Please email me your info (numbers, address, birthday, anniversary, social security number ... lol) so I can store it again.

Okay, I'm out for real. Thanks to everyone who checks out my blog. I appreciate the love! Apologies again for not updating it. Hopefully now my crazy random life will make sense to you guys! I do check my email and Facebook from my phone so feel free to send me a shout! I'll definitely get back to you when I'm able.

Blessings in Jesus!

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Anonymous said...

Jenn--I can post about your furniture on my church email list. Do you have any specifics, or a link to your Craig's List listing?