Friday, February 1, 2008

Midwest Winters

Years ago, I said I would never do two things. I would never leave New York City and I would never live in the Midwest. Never say never! Here I am living in Chicago dealing with these crazy weather conditions. Don't get me wrong ... I love Chicago. Actually, I love my church in Chicago. It's awesome to be in the center of God's will but man, on mornings like these I ask the Lord why He didn't lead me to San Diego or someplace like that. I'm all about Chicago Tab starting a satellite church out there.
Enough rambling ... I have a few pics to share. I wanted the non-Chicagoans to know how my morning went. It cracks me up when I think back to winters in New York. Sure it got cold and snowed but it was NOTHING to Chicago winters. They call it the Windy City for a reason. I get excited now when temperatures are double digits (above zero). It seemed we always had snow days growing up. Snow days out here are days with snow. Cancelling school (at least at North Park University) does not seem to be an option.
So anyway, this morning I went out to clean off my car. It's become a normal part of the routine. No biggie, right? Wrong. There was more snow than I realized. Snow in front of the tires that needed to be shoveled. Except I don't have a shovel. So, I decided I would use my feet to shovel the snow away from my tires. I am sure that anyone watching me had to be hysterical laughing. I almost fell over multiple times. But hey, it worked. And I got to work. Not like I'm excited about being at work, but I am proud of myself for getting out of my spot!
My camera still isn't working. I haven't figured out if it's the batteries or not. I used my camera phone for this because I had to share...

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