Monday, October 15, 2007

Home Sweet Home

After a flight on a TINY plane with turbulence that was NOT tiny, I landed in Chicago. Pastor Armand & Julie picked me up with my car. I dropped them off and then realized I had no half & half for coffee in the morning so I headed out to pick up a few things. I'm very happy to have remembered that then! Waking up without realizing the half & half was gone could've been rough.
Speaking of rough, here I am, looking rough after a day of travelling.
(I am in my kitchen after putting away my half & half).

time for bed

1 comment:

Sarah O said...

I 4got to tell u...ihearttinyplanes!

One time steven and I had a connecting flight through atlanta and had to fly a tiny plane, poor Stevens head bumped the celing every time he stood up hahaha