Monday, September 3, 2007

Fun & Games

On Sunday night, the Toledo kids and Jake (and me obviously) went to Joe and Christen's for a GAME NIGHT!!! We had a lot of fun. We played Clue, Crazy Uno and Cranium. Plus, Joe made breakfast for dinner for everyone. It was very good! No pics of Audrey ... it was after her bedtime.

getting ready for clue

tommy (who ended up winning) reading the directions

despite all my notes & charts, i lost. maybe i should've read the directions like tommy.

jake ... caught!

decaf (excuse my language)


susie likes joe's cooking

tommy & annie & crazy uno

joe dealing cards. crazy uno got crazier.

trying to use my cranium for cranium

this is a bowling pin & ball. i drew this with my eyes closed.

susie reading instructions with her british accent

tommy's tired

fun & games...

cool christen

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