Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vacation Bible School - Day 1

First night of VBS ... yes, believe it or not, I was there. :o)
I went to record the dramas/take pictures. It was phenomenal. God has blessed our church with such gifted and talented people. Carpenters, actors, make-up people, stage crew, singers, CHILDREN'S WORKERS! (not my gift) ... such incredible people using their talents for the Lord and to teach these kids about the Lord and prayerfully lead them to Him.
The title for VBS is "Live the Legend: Adventures on the 7 Seas"
The idea for the dramas are from "Pirates of the Caribbean" since that's what was out in the theatre this year (last year was Narnia ... didn't go). Wisdom is the theme of the week and King Solomon was there to tell about it. :o)
I have more pictures than normal today, but it was so extraordinary, I had to share.
You'll see why!

The ship! Amazing!

"CT7" - the kids doing praise & worship

CT7 praisin' Him!


Recognize Captain Barbosa & Jack Sparrow?

Fight Scene

Will Turner & Jack Sparrow (Joe & Loren)

Caleb ... the little pirate

There's a bird on Becky's shoulder. Can that be sanitary while serving the snacks?

Pirates behind the scenes...

havin' a fun time

Will & Jack

King Solomon (speaking on a pirate ship ... hey, whatever works)

me :o)

Baby Audrey ... ready for bed ... we all were

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