Wednesday, July 18, 2007


iMAgiNiff I actually heard my alarm in the morning ...

Anyway, last night the staff from the youth ministry met to pray and to play some games. I decided to swing by. We had a great time of prayer and then a CrAzY time playing the game iMAgiNiff. I've always wanted to play that game especially after buying it for my cousins one Christmas. It's so fun ... it's actually up there with Taboo in my book. It got a little rowdy of course, but it was a great evening.

Here's some pics so you can understand!!!

(1) - Madelynn & Donny ... they're nuts!
(2) - Julio & the boys
(3) Junie ... he's nuts too!
(4) - The iMAgiNiff board ... I did not win.
(5) Me & my GIRL Mandy. I love her!
(6) Junie & Alexis (she came down to get some free ice cream)

That was my evening!

Until next time!

~ J

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