Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Nani!!!

Nani (ok ... ok ... "Yvette") is my dear friend from NY. I miss her lots and lots. We've been through a ton together (including the eternal drive through PA in a blizzard). It's been a blessing to see all the Lord has done in her life. I thank God for her and can't wait to see her (and meet her new little baby Lucas!).
Happy Birthday my friend! I love you much!
May God bless you so very much this day and in the years to come.

Nani & Sean on their wedding day!

Me & Nani at the end of a wonderful day.

My first trip to visit Mrs. Connolly in her new home in NJ.

Me with Nani & Baby Lucas at Christmastime ... the last time I saw her :o(

Lucas Joshua Connolly with his Proud Mommy.


JRo said...

I am wearing black in every single picture. I need new clothes.

Nani said...

OH MY GOODNESS..I just saw the shout out...YOU ARE SOOO AWESOME...Can't belive you put the pic up with my hair short...terrible picture..hahahahahahahahaha I LOVE YOU SO MUCH....Thanks a million...YOUR THE COOLEST!!!!!