Monday, July 30, 2007

Hangin' with Jasmine & her fam

I went to spend some time with my friend Jasmine after church. She's been put on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy so I wanted to give her some company. Later on her cousin Melody came over, then her parents and then her sister Amy from Ohio (who I met for the first time). Amy came with her two little babies to stay with Jasmine for the week and help her out. Such a blessing! I love this family.
Here's a few pictures from the day/evening...

Do you like Melody's tattoo?

Jasmine liked it so much she got one too.

And me, being so tough, had to follow the trend.

Should I have done that?

Melody, Amy & Jasmine. They were quite the trio went going to school at Moody and were able to reunite last night. So sweet. I had to take a picture!

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