Thursday, July 12, 2007


This morning, as I was walking to my car, I noticed a butterfly pass by me.  It caught my attention because it was so colorful and I rarely see them.  I started to think about the process of becoming a butterfly, and how if one tries to speed up the process, it can actually hinder the life of the butterfly.  It restricts them from flying and sometimes even living.

Isn't that how it is with our life in Christ?  First, we are babes in Christ.  Then we go into our "cocoon" stage where we are to feed on the Word of God, and store up those promises in our heart.  But eventually a season comes, where we are in a place that no one (including us) can see what's going on inside of us.  It's often dark and we feel closed in.  Yet God is at work and we are being transformed and prepared to fly.  When there's interference in that process, it hinders the work God is doing.  If that work is never carried out to completion, our "wings" can shrivel up.  We can actually get stuck there and never fly to the place God intended us to go.  It ultimately leads to death.

That was a tremendous reminder to me this morning.  I know in my heart, that God has a plan and intends to bring me to a place where I would soar in Him.  But, being human, I often resist that uncomfortable "cocoon" phase.  Yet, if we're patient, and remember the promises, God will bring us to the place He has for us.  And though we (I) don't know what or where that is, we know that it is beyond what we could ever ask or imagine, because that's what His Word says.

How awesome God is!  He is always at work and always showing Himself to us.  His creation truly does declare His glory.

Who would've thought a butterfly would affect my whole day!

Have a wonderful day!

~ J

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